Welcome to Reading Memorial High School's Home for Summer Reading
“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” — Ernest Hemingway

For summer reading this year, the English Department has made some changes. Instead of only having a few texts for students to choose,we have changed formats to allow for many more books. In order to do this, we have also enlisted the help of teachers from many other departments at RMHS. Teachers have sponsored a book that they think will be a great choice for summer reading. Teachers will reveal who has sponsored which book in the fall, because we want students to find a book that they truly love to read.

In the fall, during a flex block, students will have a discussion with other students who have read their book and with a teacher who has has sponsored and/or read that summer reading book. A short reflective response will be turned in to the student's English teacher after this discussion.

We have a wide variety of choices. You will find a short synopsis of the book and why the teacher has sponsored this book. These books vary greatly in content, theme, and tone. Some books are for a more mature audience.

Teachers have done their best to moderate and vet these books and have put an * next to the book's synopsis to designate that there is some mature content in the book. We deem mature content to be foul language, sexual content, substance abuse, or violence. Certainly, the teachers who have sponsored books with some mature content feel that the narrative power and value of the book makes it worthwhile of discussion and insight. We also want every student to find a book that they are comfortable with reading, so please use these as guidelines, but if you have any specific questions, you may email the English Department Chairperson Brian McVety at the following email address: brian.mcvety@reading.k12.ma.us


Who: Every student needs to read one book from the list. Students taking an Honors English class will have one required book that are designated on the following pages.

What: Each student will read one book of their choice. They will select a book by the end of the school year in their English classes. We strongly encourage students to stick with their choices, but the ultimate aim is to get every student to read a book that they enjoy. Students should take notes

Where: Any place is a good place to get lost in the power of narrative! (well, almost anywhere)

When: Read the books over the summer. A book discussion will take place during Flex block in the fall.

How: Students are strongly encouraged to buy books to be able to mark them up as they go. Certainly the Reading Public Library is a great resource. If students are having trouble procuring their choice, please ask for help

Why: Reading should be something that is both informative and enjoyable. While students don't always get to choose the texts during the year, we want to give more freedom and choice to foster a love of reading. Also, RMHS has a strong community of readers among many departments, and we are all excited to get students and teachers alike talking and engaging about their books.